My Favorite Online Bargain Site

I love getting deals and bargains, who doesn’t. I signed up for this online site and I am loving it. Have you heard of

You enter the city you are interested in getting deals from or enter your zip code. You can also tell them what kind of deals you are most interested in. Restaurants, sports, arts, shopping, etc.

There is a deal everyday and you will be notified by email of a deal that fits your categories. If you don’t like the deal, just ignore it.

Most of the deals are 50% off. A $25 gift certificate to a restaurant will be $12.50. A ticket to an event will be $8 instead of $16. Some are 40% off and some are 60% off.



I have bought things that I would never have considered before (River Boat Cruise) and gone to restaurants that I wouldn’t have tried. There was even a $50 Gap certificate for $25 but that one was sold out in minutes flat.

One of my other favorites I purchase is deals at spas. Facials or massages for 50% off!! Love that!

So if you like deals, like to try new things or go new places in your area, this is a great webiste to check out and get a deal at the same time. It is easy, you just print off your certificate right from your computer and away you go. They even email you if it is about to expire, how great is that!