More Detail on 20 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home #20-#11

In my last blog I listed HGTV’s top 20 ways to improve the value of your home. Now for a little more detail on ten of those items.

#20   Home Office Remodel – A large percentage of the population work at home full time or at least spend off hours doing work at home to catch up. Home Office Space is valuable square footage. If at all possible it shouldn’t be part of another room and it definitely shouldn’t feel like a dungeon to be in it.

#19   Add a Sunroom – Everyone loves a sunroom. A place to read, have quiet time, enjoy a cup of coffee, and unwind with family and friends.

#18   Create or Renovate a Master Suite – Next to the kitchen, the master bedroom with adjoining bath is the most important area of the house. Adults want a place to escape at the end of the day. Think the best five star resort you have every been in. Aaaahhh. This area of the house is always a draw for buyers.

#17    Renovate or Add a Family Room – It is where all families spend the majority of their time. Make it warm, inviting and cozy.

#16   New Roof – Maintenance on a home is key and the roof is the best place to start.

#15    Landscape your Yard – Not always the best return on your investment but definitely the best for curb appeal to get buyers into your home and it may make for a quicker sale. Not to mention the enjoyment you will get out of a perennial garden in the mean time.

#14   Major Kitchen Remodel – Kitchens are the heart of the home and can always make or break a sale. Major kitchen remodels are great if you are not selling immediately. Do the major remodel, enjoy it, then it is ready for sale down the road.

#13   Add a bathroom – If you have fewer faucets than beds, adding a bathroom can not only add value but save family arguments.

#12   Make sure Additions Match the House – If you have a traditional home, don’t add on a contemporary addition just because that is more your taste. If your addition doesn’t match, then change the look of the house at the same time.

#11    Replace Old Windows – Save energy and dollars now. Reap rewards at selling time.

The next blog will go into more detail on improvements #10 – #1. Stay Tuned!