Master Bedrooms are Important Square Footage – Treat them as Such.

Something a Home Stager knows is that Master Bedrooms are extremely important square footage and should be treated as valuable property!

In my opinion if someone has narrowed it down to two homes to buy the deciding factor will be the Kitchen and Master Bedroom. Everyone knows “kitchens sell homes”. I don’t disagree. But, I think the Master Bedroom is a close second and so many sellers ignore that room. Check out this difference:

Master Bedroom Before




  Which speaks of a Master Retreat to you? Which do you think the buyer can see themselves relaxing in?

If you have ever watched the TV Program on HGTV called “House Hunters”, it is almost without a doubt one of the comments will be “this master bedroom is too small” or “this master bedroom is so boring”. Both these negative comments can be overcome.

A small appearing bedroom probably needs the right size furniture and the boring bedroom needs a few dollars to provide luxury. On “House Hunters” the buyers went against their better judgement and bought a home with a “too small” master bedroom because of the incredible views. They were shocked that a queen bed and two night stands fit no problem. The bedroom had been vacant and they had no sense of size, many buyers probably passed on the home for the same reason.

A Master Bedroom should look simple and elegant. Many buyers have put huge upgrades into the rest of their home and never got around to doing anything with their private space since no one sees it. Get some inexpensive bedding, buy some lamps, rent a bed frame or headboard if needed, just MAKE IT SHINE!

Positioning of the bed is also important. The bed should always be placed to make a statement when entering the room and try to avoid putting it in front of a window if possible.

Don’t overlook some of the most valuable square footage in your home. Ask Rooms With Style to assist you in making a lasting impression with the buyer OR how to achieve that special retreat for you to enjoy before you move.

Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After