Making Artwork – Is It As Easy As It Looks on TV? Home Staging and Redesign Tips in Minneapolis, MN

Making Artwork – Is It As Easy as It Looks on TV?

Home Staging and Redesign Tips in Minneapolis, MN


That’s what I wanted to know. I am a skeptic of sorts and I watch Home Staging and Redesign shows on TV on which they make their own artwork.


They always say it is so easy. But is it?


And of course they always tell you how cheap it is. But is it?


So on a whim I put it to a test. I was buying fabric to recover my dining room chairs and on the clearance shelves were dozens and dozens of selections of fabric remnants and they were 50% off the clearance price. I found a remnant that was normally $20/yard, marked down to $6 per yard and 50% off of that!! Yes, $3 per yard for 54″ wide fabric.


What could I lose??


In the same store all the frames were also 50% off. My lucky day!!

I purchased my clearance fabric, two frames and off I went to complete my experiment.


I laid my frames out on a flat surface with a towel underneath to avoid scratching the glass.


Picture Frame



Lay out your fabric and clean the glass on the inside of the frame. 



Fabric for Artwork



I took the matting out of the frame and laid it over an area that would look nice inside the framed area and cut the fabric slightly larger than the opening.



Sizing Fabric to Matt



First using scotch tape I secured the fabric pulling it tight and then checked to make sure the image was placed straight.

I further secured the fabric with clearing shipping tape.


Securing Fabric to Matt



I put the back on the frame and presto…..all done.



Finished Artwork



Total time to make the two pictures? Less than 1/2 hour.

Total cost? $32.


And the good news?? The fabric is outdoor fabric and I have two more yards that I plan to make into new outdoor pillows.

So, is it as Easy as they Make It Look on TV? Absolutely. Is it as cheap? Is sure is.


If you are selling your home and need some easy inexpensive artwork this is the way to go!

Are you updating your home and have a very limited budget? This is perfect! And when you are tired of this picture just buy a new piece of fabric and change it out. How easy is that!


Another idea would be to make pictures for yourself and use any left over fabric to make another picture for a house warming gift or for your child’s dorm room.


If you need assistance in updating your home or getting it ready for sale, Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign in Minneapolis, MN can help!