It’s Sunday So Guess Where I Will Be?

It’s Sunday So Guess Where I Will Be?

The obvious choice would be Church. Well yeah I went there too but some weekends I go on Saturday night so wrong answer.

Next obvious choice, Perkins for Omelets and Pancakes! Nope but it is sounding good.

It is Sunday and that means one thing for sure.


My kids wait and wait and wait for Sunday to come. All we have to do is get out our tennis shoes and the laps around the house start and Timber runs and gets his leash. Sometimes he even gets his sister’s leash for her. He is sooooo helpful.

So….here is what someone has to say about it:


“I Can’t Believe We are Finally Here!!” 



Oh Boy We're Finally Here!



“Come On Mom Hurry Up Already……”

 Hurry Up Mom!



“Forget It…We Aren’t Waiting for You Anymore”. 


 Foget it we aren't waiting anymore!!


“Yeah! A Dog to Play With!!” 


A Dog to Play With!! 


“I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I Just Can’t Stop Bounging!!” 

 I Am so Excited I Just Can't Stop Bounging!



“Get A Load of My Brother’s Tongue!” 


Have you ever seen a tongue this long? 


“Ahhhh…..water at last. A girl only drinks out of the jar at the dog park you know.”

 (Seriously, she won’t drink out of her bowl at the dog park).



Hope your Sunday is extra Special Too! Signed…..Sally.