It’s Not Fair!! It’s Just Not Fair!

No it’s not! It is just not fair!!

I just spent an hour and a half in my closet trying on:

Hermes black high waist silk flared pants1) Every pair of black pants known to mankind (yes I have many).

2) Every silk camisole (yes I have many).      

3) Every jacket long and short, crop sweater, and shawl imaginable.

4) Fourteen pairs of shoes.

5) Thirty-three pairs of earrings.

And…..drum roll please……982 combinations later I now have the best outfit possible from my closet that fits me to wear to a fund raiser tonight.

On the other hand….my husband will grab a tie on the way out of the house and call it good.

Not fair..not fair I tell you!!!

But hey…Martina McBride, I am looking as good for you tonight as possible! LOL