It Doesn’t Matter What You Used It For – Home Staging Minneapolis, MN

It Doesn’t Matter What You Use it For – Home Staging Minneapolis, MN.

You live in your home thus you can use a room or space anyway you want or need. But when you go to sell your home it is another matter. You really need to think of it as not your home any more.

If you use a space that is unique to you, your buyer will dismiss the space.

In this home there was a tiny space off the family room that the seller didn’t use. To them it was just a place to put a few random furniture pieces.

Wasted space to them but there is no reason to have it be wasted space to the buyer.


Bar Area Before


This seller’s competition all had built-in bar areas. The return on investment was not enough to justify building the bar just for selling so show the buyer the potential. Show them what it can be!


Bar Area After



This seller used the end of this hallway as an extra place to sleep. But it was just outside a far corner basement bedroom with a bath across the hall. It was a space too large to dismiss.

The buyer would scratch their heads if it was empty and really scratch their heads with a bed in the hallway.


Hallway Before


What a perfect setting for a ‘tweener’ room. A space for a teen to study right outside their bedroom.



Teen Center



You may use a space in your home that works for your needs but if it is unique to you the buyer won’t get it.



Teen Center



When selling, make every space in your home count and show the buyer what THEY can use it for. A Professional Home Stager can assist you with the process.