Inexpensive Redesign Tips – Redesign in Minneapolis, MN

Inexpensive Redesign Tips – Redesign in Minneapolis, MN

A client asked for my help in jazzing up her living room. She had great basic pieces but wasn’t sure what else to do.

Before: The space was light and airy which was great. The monochromatic scheme is very tranquil but she wanted a change.

Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

Best way to do that…..COLOR!

She already had a great color on her walls so the cheapest way to add color in this case was throw pillows and a colorful area rug.

On our shopping day we first found our inspiration piece, the rug. After that we stumbled upon an upholstered chair in fabulous colors that complemented the rug for $129!!!

After: Full of Color!

Home Staging Redesign St. Paul, MN

It is best if all your furniture pieces do not match. Yes, I know they sell them that way in the furniture store but you don’t need the whole matching set. The less matched the better. In this case having one less piece of leather warmed up the room. The rug and throw pillows added the coziness.

Before: All Pieces Match

Interior Reesign Minneapolis, MN

After: A variety adds character

Interior Redesign St. Paul, MN

See  how inexpensive Redesign can be? I love, love, love finding bargains.

At Rooms With Style our Redesign Plans work mostly with what you already own. But if you need, or are open to, a few new additions we will assist in making a detailed shopping list or do the shopping for you and stay within your budget.

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