Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips

Yes it happens, buyers pull up in a driveway and don’t even go inside. They don’t like the looks of what they see.

You want to make your buyer is excited to get out of the car!

Most importantly, you don’t want the buyer discounting the price before they even get in the door.

There are inexpensive things you can do to make this happen. Likewise there are moderate priced and expensive things. Depending on where you are on the listing price spectrum you may need to layout some cash for the expensive items. But this post is focused on things you can do that will cost you less than $200, most for under $100.

1) Paint your front door. This is a huge impact. A quart of paint and about 15 minutes is all you need. Great way to add color!


Front Door



2) Replace Mailbox. Rusty, banged up mailboxes send a bad sign that things have not been maintained.


3) Replace House Numbers – especially if they are rusted broken or brass.


4) Freshen mulch. A quick top dressing will make such a huge difference over faded dirty mulch.


5) Add a pot or two of flowers.


6) New Welcome Mat.


7) Make sure there is no peeling paint on garage doors.


8) If something needs repair, repair it.


FREE Things You Can Do With Huge Impact:


1) Clean light fixtures

2) Keep lawn mowed, raked, weeds pulled.

3) Keep sidewalks shoveled and driveways plowed.

4) Remove personal items such as decorative flags, (No Packer Flags! ha),  yard nick knacks and plastic items.

5) Clean the siding (power wash if needed).

Triming bushes   6) Trim Bushes and Tree Branches- never have them covering your walkway or blocking the view of your home.

7) Keep spider webs from forming… Addam’s Family look!


Curb Appeal is extremely important and there can be HUGE impact for little or no money.


Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer