If You Love Doing It, Pass it On!

What do you love to do? Can you do what you love and bless others at the same time?

I love to read, knit and bake. I take the love of knitting and make prayer shawls for those in the hospitals, nursing homes or just someone needing a pick me up gift.

I take my love of baking and turn it into a blessing for others during the holiday season by providing plates of cookies during Christmas Caroling to those that are shut-in. After being sung to, each person is handed a plate of homemade cookies.

Let’s follow my day recently:

Bright and early in the morning with my pastry chef outfit and my cup of coffee, I am ready to go with my very clean kitchen island and heavy duty mixer. (don’t I look just like Vanna White??).


BakingBaking Day


A couple hours later…..look what my friend Patty has done to my clean kitchen!! ­čśë


Baking Day


When I started doing this about ten years ago I was asked for about 8 – 10 plates of cookies. Then it was 12- 15, etc.┬á This year was the biggest need ever with many elderly men losing their wives and many very sick people. I was asked for 30 plates of cookies so 30 it was.

Assembly day looked something like this:


Baking Day


We made about 18 different things and every year I just have to try a few new recipes. Last year it was ‘Sea Salt and Pink Peppercorn Caramels’. This year it was ‘Spicy Peanut Brittle’ and ‘Christmas Mice’.

Can you fine my little Christmas Church Mouse peeking out on the plate? Complete with ears and a tail?


Baking Day


Oh….and of course the empty Tupperware containers after the assembly process was quite the sight!!


Baking Day

So what do you love to do? Can you bless others with it? How about making that a goal for 2012??

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas Season and a wonderful 2012!