“I Want that Parking Spot Close to the Door” – But At the Gym??

I always find it a little odd when someone is waiting for my parking space that is 20 feet closer to the door than the next parking space, and WE ARE AT THE GYM. Do you find that odd? Aren’t they there for the exercise?

I can understand if it is pouring rain, I can understand if it is 20 degrees below zero, which happens here in MN, but on a beautiful sunny summer day?

It has happened twice this week. In fact 2 days ago I was standing on the passenger side of my car, reading my emails on my Blackberry (I don’t text/email and drive) when I heard a honk, honk, honk. I ignored it for a bit assuming it had nothing to do with me but then it came again, honk, honk. I could tell it was close by so I looked. Parking Lot

Low and behold there was a car waiting for my spot and honking at me to get me to leave. I wasn’t in the driver’s seat with the reverse lights on, I was standing outside my car on the passenger’s side!! I couldn’t believe it.

I ignored the honker but he kept on, and sat and waited. I got kind of creeped out so I got in and left. Get this, there was another parking spot 4 slots away. Did the gentleman realize he was at the gym to get exercise?? Would the extra few feet of walking perhaps saved him a couple of minutes on the treadmill inside the gym doors?

I don’t know, it just gets me shaking my head.