I Am So Glad Tomorrow is Over!!

On Sunday I wrote a post “OOHHH…..I’m Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow”. That tomorrow was Monday, which is now yesterday. I am so glad it is over!! I had to move my warehouse and it is done. Well, not done done as I still have about a week of unpacking to do but the move is done.

My day started by picking up the truck at 7:00AM and luckily it was a balmy 39 degrees, not 12 degrees like the day before. We went to pick up the racking I had purchased and it took much longer to take down than anticipated, like 2 hours longer, ugh! And another 3 hours to put it up.

Luckily my movers could come early and assisted with the racking as well. At 11:00 AM it started to rain, and it poured…. ALL DAY!!


Warehouse Move


Did I will mention I had a 27 foot truck and a dumpster was placed about 30 feet outside the overhead door of my new warehouse? At least 20 minutes to wedge that huge thing in there and get it back out for FOUR TRIPS!



Still Moving


The truck was dropped off at 11:00 PM. Sixteen hours later! OMG! Yes, I am hurting today.

Here is how my night ended, at a local establishment with my husband toasting the completion of the  move.


 Martini and Beer



In bed by 12:30 AM……up at 4:30 AM. Short night and going to be another long day as I need to make one load with the suburban and sweep out the old warehouse. Then I need to make myself look like a designer for my home staging consultation this afternoon. Wish I could stay in my sweats all day!

Pictures of the Totally Organized New Warehouse to Be Release in a week or two!