How this client did Home Staging correctly in St. Paul, MN

How this client did Home Staging correctly in St. Paul, MN.

Many of my clients think they should wait to do Home Staging. They think that the best plan will be to put their house on the market, see how it goes, THEN if it doesn’t sell or if it gets negative feedback, they’ll have it staged. Please, Stage your Home correctly from the beginning! You’ll never get back those potential buyers who came through when it was a hot new listing. Cold Living Room

So, what did my client in St. Paul do correctly? They knew Home Staging was important. They had me come through their home, give them advice on what was needing to be done, changed, and upgraded. They worked hard and did all the necessary improvements.

They took down dated wallpaper, updated lighting, repainted, made necessary repairs, and most importantly Staged It. The client truly saw the value of having their Home Staged Correctly.

This home was vacant as it had been a rental property for them. They knew without a doubt that to have the home show to its full potential it couldn’t be shown cold and uninviting without furniture. They followed my advice and staged the most important rooms of the house. Staging a vacant home and especially Staging the Home Correctly is so important. Warm Inviting Living Room

Home Staging of a vacant property may seem expensive and you can easily talk yourself out of the need to stage it. But have you considered the costs if it doesn’t sell timely? Additional mortgage payments, insurance, utilities…….

After Staging this Home I received an email a few short weeks later and do you know what it said?? That the house sold and with multiple offers, due in large part to the wonderful Home Staging. Yes, multiple offers in this market.

So, do you think the time, effort and money they spent to do Home Staging correctly was worth it? They didn’t have to keep making house payments, they didn’t have to drop their price, and they got to put a SOLD sign up immediately.

Stage Your Home Correctly from the beginning, it does make a difference.