How Important is it to Update Your Bathroom for Selling?

It depends. Don’t you hate that answer! But it really does depend. What it depends on it which bathroom in your home we are talking about.

It really is a tiered system when it comes to updating your bathrooms for selling purposes.

Least important – Lower level bathroom (furthest from the main living area):

Most of the time this is the third bathroom in your home and the last one the potential buyer will see. This is lowest on the priority list of bathrooms you need to update.

Third Most Important – Guest Bathroom/Kid’s Bathroom:

This is the bathroom normally found on the upper level off the hallway of bedrooms. This bathroom is more important than the lower level bath but not on the top of the list. At this level you would want to make sure there isn’t any wallpaper, change out dated light fixtures and vanity hardware.

Second Most Important – Half Bath:

This bathroom is usually found on the main level, probably close to the kitchen. It not only is the one that all guests will see and use, it is the first bathroom the buyer will see when looking at your home.




Make sure there is no wallpaper, the paint is fresh and not taste specific. Light fixtures, vanity hardware and faucets need to be a current and it is best if the metals finish all match.





Most Important Bath – The Master Bath/Owner’s Suite:

This by far is the most important bathroom in the home. It is a close second in importance to the kitchen.

This bathroom really should be as perfect and up to date as possible.

Here is an example of a Master Bath that needed updating:






Here are some of the things that may need to be done to your Master Bath:

1) Faucets and light fixtures current in style and metal.

2) Vanity hardware matching in metal color.

3) Shower doors also matching in metal color.

4) No wallpaper and paint color current.

5) Tub faucets matching in metal color.

6) Large flat builder mirrors replaced with framed mirrors.

7) And depending on price of the home, granite or quartz vanity tops and tiled flooring.


Let’s take a look at that same bathroom after some recommendations were taken:







Quite the difference isn’t it? No wallpaper, no bright brass, updated light fixtures and faucets.

All these bathroom tips for selling are dependent on the price point of your home, the number of bathrooms in your home as well as other factors.

Always discuss any upgrades and renovations with a team of an experienced  Real Estate Agent and Home Stager to make sure you are making the right improvements to get the best return on your investment.


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