Home Staging Success in Bloomington, MN – You Need to Know Your Buyer.

When Staging a Home it is important to keep the targeted buyer in mind. Doing so is extremely important and can determine success or failure with the Home Staging.

Staging a downtown loft is different than a home in the suburbs and each suburb is different.  Who lives in the neighborhood?

Point in fact: When I went to do the bid for this condo I was told by the Property Manager that the average age of the owners was 72.

However, the condo was located on an Exclusive Private Golf Course and could attract a young professional who loves the game and wants to entertain his/her clients.

In home staging you must keep your most likely buyer in mind. I wanted to play to that demographic but also keep it some what modern in case a young professional walked through.

I think I found that balance. The condo had been vacant and on the market over a year without an offer. They pulled it off the market for a few months, had it staged and then re-listed.


What did I do? I made the home feel more traditional but with a hint of modern elements.

Home Staging in Bloomington, MN

The artwork is more formal and traditional but the furniture is cozy and neutral and the colors of dark brown and light blue are fresh and modern.

Vacant Home Staging Bloomington, MN

The bathroom was blah. It needed some life and vibrant cranberry did the trick.

Home Staging Redesign Minneapolis MN

The porch: Antique wicker in modern black with lime green and hot pink accents made it refreshing for any generation.

Home Stager Bloomington, MN

The office: Well of course it needed a Golf theme being on an exclusive private golf course.

Home Staging Redesign Minneapolis MN

The bedroom: Aahhh….tranquil for any age.

Home Staging Redesign St. Paul, MN

Staging a home for the most likely buyer is important but a balance is needed so anyone can fall in love with it. You never know who may walk through the door.

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