Home Staging – Minneapolis, MN

This home staging in Minneapolis, MN was so much fun! This beautiful home in south Minneapolis, MN was totally renovated and a second story added to it. Living Room Before

She selected three stagers to provide bids and then took a look at our actual work. Living Room AfterI was lucky enough to be chosen as the stager to stage this property.

The owner had already selected the great colors and trendy shabby chic light fixtures. I was so excited to do this project.

When the owner returned at the end of the staging day she started to cry, she said it was more than she ever dreamed it to be. The best words for a home stager to hear!

She then went on to share with me that she almost went with a different home stager in Minneapolis, MN because that stager appeared to have more credentials.  BUT, she went out and viewed vacant properties that we had both staged and was glad she did.

She found there to be an HUGE difference in the quality of work and chose me. This homeowner did her homework and looked at the quality of work performed, not just price, not just appearance of credentials.

Training is important, most definitely. But in any profession you can have all the knowledge and training in the world and not be able to execute. The bottom line, do a good job and you’ll be rewarded, I was!!

 Dining Room AfterDining Room Before