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Is Home Staging for Investors different than Home Staging for homeowners? Well, yes and no.

Everyone wants their home to sell quickly and for as much money as possible. But for investors it is slightly different. It is a business.

Getting a property sold so they can buy their next one is all that matters. Literally ‘time is money’.

When I met with a Realtor turned investor a couple weeks ago he told me that in 2011 he and his business partner renovated and re-sold eight homes and that he hoped to do more in 2012.

He commented that the average days on the market for them was 60 days thus they had never needed to stage. (I silently thought differently, ha).

They were currently renovating a home that was a little higher in price then the others so they thought they would give Home Staging a try prior to listing it to give it every advantage.

Depending on how it went they said they may have me stage another of their properties that had been on the market close to 60 days without an offer.

Here is the staging:

Living Room Before and After:

LR Before


LR After

LR Before


LR After

Dining Area Before and After:

DR Before


DR After

Family Room Before and After:

FR Before


FR After

FR Before


FR After

They listed this property on a Friday and I got a text on Sunday saying that they had already received multiply offers and one was for full price!I think the three days improved their 60 day average!

Both partners were thrilled with the staging, the service and the results. Because of that I was hired to stage their other property mentioned above that has been on the market about 60 days with alot of activity but without a single offer. Let’s hope that one goes as well!


LR DR After


If you have an Investment Property and have questions about Home Staging for Investors talk with a expert that understands the needs of an investor. www.roomswithstyle.com