Home Staging DOES NOT mean Deceiving the Buyer!

Home Staging does not mean deceiving the buyer. There are times during a home staging consultation that I have been asked how to hide something. Don’t hide it, fix it!!

Home Staging can get a bad rap as many buyers, as well as Realtors, think things have been covered up, painted over, or a chair conveniently placed in front of an eye sore. Home Staging does NOT mean deceiving the buyer.

A prime example of covering up is placing an area rug over a stain on the carpet or hard wood floor. Have I ever placed a rug over these stains? Yes, but only when it made sense to do so.

For example, in a quaint 1930’s vacant home I staged had the original hardwood floors. Charming. Naturally I wanted to warm up the living room by placing an area rug in the conversation area between the sofa and chairs. I immediately pointed out to the seller and the Realtor that I was going to do so but to disclose the stain that was in the middle of the floor. Remember, Home Staging does not mean deceiving the buyer. Enhancing a Kitchen

Another example is small rugs in front of the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen. They are not needed in a tiny area and buyers are not buying the rugs. Pick them up and show off the tile or linoleum. If there is a discoloration or chipped grout, fix it whenever possible.

Sure, placing a rug in a location that most home owners will have a rug anyway is acceptable, showing that the stain will probably never be noticed to their guests. However, disclose it and be truthful.  

Hanging a picture over a hole in the wall, never. Fix it.

If there is bad caulking in the kitchen or bath, don’t cover it up with towels or decorative canisters. Make the necessary repairs to show that the house has been well cared for and no detail overlooked in making it the best property to buy.

I have seen TV shows about Home Staging that actually give ideas on how to deceive the buyer. Are you kidding? This is so totally wrong in so many ways and gives Home Staging such a bad reputation. Home Staging is about enhancing the property, not deceiving the buyer!