Home Improvement Myths – Home Staging and Redesign of MN

Home Improvement Myths – Home Staging and Redesign of MN


The term ‘home improvement’ usually evokes a good feeling. You are improving something so that’s good isn’t it? Plus it is being done to one of your biggest assets so even better right? Well maybe.

There are some untruths or myths about Home Improvements that you need to be aware of and consider before you invest your time and/or money.  Dollar Sign

1) “Any Remodel is a Good One.” NOT THE CASE. You need to check out and consider many things before considering any home improvement.

2)  “I Can Do It Myself.” Sure you can. 🙂 All of us have seen the DIYP (Do it Yourself Project) when our best friend or spouse is so proud of their work but they really should have let a professional do it. Unless you are well trained and have experience in that area….it may be best to spend the money to have it done correctly.

faulty wiring DIY


 3) “Adding A Pool Always Add Value.” Not so. Pools only add value if they are in a climate where they can be used year round. It also depends on the type of pool and the condition of the pool. In many cases a pool decreases the value of a home.


Inner Tube in Swimming Pool


4) “I Should Follow the Latest Design Trends.”  The key word here is ‘trend’. That is what it is and it will be on its way out before you even get it finished. Trends are great for $12 throw pillows. Not for major improvements.


Trendy wording pillow


So make sure you know what you are doing when you start those Home Improvements.

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