Don’t Forget to Stage the Office! Home Staging Minnetonka, MN

Don’t Forget to Stage the Office!

Home Offices are important square footage. Most buyers want a  home office as many now telecommute or have their own businesses that are run from their homes.

If it is important to a buyer it should be important to you! Set the stage, show them how great the space can be!


Or This??

Many new construction homes or homes built within the last decade have the office right inside the front door. Even MORE important for Home Staging.

Sometimes the office is self explanatory with built in desks and shelving but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be staged. Here is a perfect example of a high end rehabbed home we staged for an investor. If you walk in, take your shoes off and see this it may not leave much of an impression.



But this might:



When it comes to staging your home for sale don’t forget the office. It is space wanted by the buyer and that means money to you!



Your home is  your biggest asset. Make all the square footage count by calling a Professional Certified Home Stager.

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