One question I get a lot relates to color. The answer depends on whether you are selling your home or looking to change the look for yourself. If you are selling, neutral does not mean white!! You need color to sell a home but of course it cannot be taste specific.

If you are refreshing your own home for personal enjoyment, don’t be afraid of color. Color is powerful and it can calm your mood after a hectic day or energize you in the morning. Paint color sets the immediate feel of a room. You need to think about how you use a room and what feeling you are trying to convey or want to experience while you are in that room. Is the room for rest and quiet time? Is it for cozy family and friends gatherings? Or is it where you want to be uplifted and energized.

One look I love right now is black and white. You can do so much with these two basic colors and combine it with almost any style. It can be extremely elegant, funky, or art deco. From black on white toile fabrics to popping it with hot pink, lavender or lime accents, there is no limit to what you can do. Use seasonal colors to change it throughout the year. Warm wood tones of furniture or flooring will ground and balance the room. And don’t forget about texture. This can be done with the fabric in linens, throw pillows, or sofa throws.

If you are nervous about using black and white, start small. I recently changed the look of my guest bathroom. Previously done with a fun kids theme for my visiting nieces, they have grown up and I personally needed a change. I kept the basic light café latte wall color, added a black and white classic patterned shower curtain with velvet, a couple of fun new prints and inspiration woods on the walls and black, white and tan towels. I LOVE those three colors together, very classy. What a transformation and I did it all for under $200.

Be inspired. Take a risk. Have fun.