Do You Think It Would Be Fun to Stage a Home on the National Registry of Historical Places? Home Staging St. Paul, MN

Do You Think It Would Be Fun to Stage a Home on the National Registry of Historical Places?

Home Staging, St. Paul, MN

That is kind of a stupid question isn’t it? Of course it would be fun to stage a historic home on the National Registry!! And I was privileged enough to be able to do it.

Check out this 1878 Mansion on Summit Ave in St. Paul, MN with 7100 finished square feet, six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It is the Historic McKey House situated next to the stunning St. Paul Catherdral and the famous James J. Hill Mansion.



The foyer is  not only stunning it has it’s own fireplace! Although pretty is was kind of boring without furnishings…..



So let’s add some interest.



Unfortunately this is a bank owned property and I was hired by the banker to ‘make it standout’. Her main request was that I “don’t make it stuffy”. She didn’t want period pieces and I totally agreed with her. It needs to relate to a modern family but keep it’s character and charm.

Absolutely….no stuffiness allowed!

So let’s see how it turned out……

The living room is gorgeous with it’s bay window and wood floors.




The dining room is huge and the original light fixture is worth tens of thousands of dollars alone.



The kitchen of course has modern appliances……




And what mansion would be complete without a library.


Although the bank wanted it modern and not stuffy, some fun eclectic accent pieces to speak to it’s history is needed too.

Like a picture of the keys of an antique typewriter!



Replica antique radio bookends.



A spark of whimsey of who the gentleman of the home may be….hmmm… Mr. Thomas Jefferson?? Just kidding!!



And of course a grand table to entertain in your grand mansion!



So yes, staging this vacant home on the National Registry of Historic Places was one of the most fun projects I have had the privilege to stage.

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