DIY – You Never Know Where You Will Find a Treasure!

DIY: Do It Yourself!  You Never Know Where You Will Find a Treasure!

Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

I love to go to flea markets when I have time to browse and let my imagination go. But sometimes you will find a treasure where you least expect it.

I did a home staging consult for a woman who’s mother had passed away and she was getting the house ready to sell. She had emptied the home of many items already but there was still a lot of ‘stuff’ her Mom had collected in her 93 years.

Down in the basement sitting in a corner was an old laundry cart. Rusted….dirty…..wheels not turning anymore. It caught my eye right away!

“That laundry cart is so cute!”

“Do you want it?”


That was the short conversation and I was loading it into my car after the consult and taking it home.


Red Laundry Cart


The cart is cute as can be just as it is in red. But nothing in my house is red.

What shall I use it for?? Hmmm…so many choices.

I already have a large round antique laundry cart that I use in my laundry room for dirty clothes so I don’t need a small one.

Hmmm……then it came to me.

So I got busy. I washed it off. Then I spray painted it with Primer.

Primed Laundry Cart

I let it sit a few hours and then spray painted it with my favorite color. If you say my post “I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE COLOR. DILL PICKLE!”, you probably have a clue.

It’s not Dill Pickle as I wanted a spray paint, not something I had to roll on, but it is close.

Now it is my Craft Cart!

It is perfect. It holds all my spray paints, gloves, canvas boards, cork board, stencils, and more.


Craft Cart


This is what worked for me. But how cute would it be in a kids room filled with stuffed animals?

How about in a bathroom filled with rolled up towels? Or by a pool filled with beach towels or water toys??



Craft Cart


So be on the lookout for treasures wherever you go. If you like it….get it. You’ll always find a place and a purpose for it.