Did I Tell You I am Having a Warehouse Sale – What was I Thinking?

Did I Tell You I am Having a Warehouse Sale – What was I Thinking? The sale starts in three days and I am already losing sleep.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to clear out some of my inventory to make way for new and fresh items. Some of the furniture and accessories I have not used in a while and I have been putting off this sale for over a year.

I have spent hours pulling all the items for sale, moving all the items not for sale out of the way and to one side of the warehouse, arranging all the large items in some sort of order, and displaying the small accessory items in as creative a way as possible in a warehouse.

Did I mention it has been in the 90’s in Minneapolis with high humidity and no air conditioning in the warehouse?

Today there will be hours spent marking everything. Did I mention I have to do my job at the same time as this? Plus mark three days off my calendar to not accept any work!

Did I mention how wonderful my friends are that have been coming by to help sort, move and mark? And every two hour shift of the three day sale is covered with a friend being there with me!

Would it have been easier to list each item separately on Craig’s List than to go through all this work? But that would have meant taking individual pictures, posting each item, fielding phone calls and emails, setting up time to meet people.

I think my conclusion is either way it is a lot of work. Off to my morning appointments and then the warehouse! Oh, tonight I will be making signs. Rrrrr