Design Services

Design Services

What is Redesign?
Redesign is the art of decorating your home by shopping from items you already own as well as recommending additions to further enhance your living space. Redesign provides similar services of an interior designer but at much lower prices. You can do the entire house or just one room, either way we can help.

It doesn’t look like the same house! What a great job redesigning all the rooms in my home.”
- Ada, Eden Prairie, MN

Reasons for Redesign
Sometimes we just need something new and fresh. Adding just a few new pieces can make a home feel up to date and modern again. Or you may love the items you have but don’t know what to do with them. We get stuck working on our homes, we see the same piece of furniture or accessory only to be used in one place or for one thing. Bringing in a professional for a different perspective can make all the difference.

I can’t believe the transition in my home. Pieces I have had for several years have taken on a whole new look just by being repositioned. My house has finally become my home and I love every inch of it. My husband, who didn’t believe a change was needed, is as excited as I am. His response: “Wow!” We both sit in the family room in the evening and just gloat at how great it looks. Who could have guessed!”
- Vicki W., Cottage Grove, MN

Redesign/Design Services
Are you struggling to make your home feel cohesive? You like what you have but know something is missing to pull it all together. Rooms With Style’s trained eye and ability to think outside the box can help you solve those dilemmas.

We will start with looking at what you have and repurpose as many things as possible. We find out what you like and what you may be ready to gift to others or sell.

We discuss your style and help to create a ‘wish list’ of items you may want to add to your home now or in the future.

This service includes paint color selections, suggestions for updates or upgrades, furniture arrangement and more.

Make your home that place you feel good about the minute you open the door.

“I am so pleased with the changes to my living room and dining room. Until you arrived, I hated the furniture and contemplated throwing everything out and starting over. You helped me see that the actual pieces are not as important as the placement. Now, the room just flows and feels so open and comfortable.”
- Lori, Dan and Olivia, St. Paul, MN

Design Services
Design Services can be very similar to Redesign services but may involve more in-depth remodeling or renovations. Cabinets, vanities, countertops, tile selection or full furniture replacement throughout the home. Rooms With Style can assist with the most basic to full renovation projects. Pulling it all together to create a home that you fall in love with all over again.

Commercial Design and Redesign
Rooms With Style can assist in updating your office, meeting areas or common areas. The appearance of your place of business speaks volumes to your clients as well as to your employees and vendors. What message are you sending? That your ideas are as outdated as your furnishings? Be sure your surroundings say who you are. Selection of flooring, paint colors, lighting, and new furnishings are an example of what Rooms With Style can do to get your space looking great!

New Home Staging and Redesign
Moving to a new home and don’t know where things should be placed for maximum style and comfort? Use a combination of our home staging and redesign expertise to highlight your homes best features.

DownSizing Staging and Redesign
If you are downsizing and don’t know what to keep, throw, donate or sell, we can help you with the decision process. We will recommend the best items for your new home and can assist with the placement as well.

Personal Shopping Services
Since we shop all the time for our inventory and clients, we know where the best deals are and what stores offer the best products you are looking for. We will shop for the items on your list whether it is furniture, accessories, artwork or lighting. We will suggest items that you may not have ever considered, assist with the styling, picture hanging, accessorizing, and even make the returns! Great way to save you time in your busy schedule.