Decorating Tip 101 – Do Not Let Your Husband Decorate with a Gift He Received from His Bachelor Brother

No offense men, really. But a lamp from a Bachelor Brother may not be the best decorating item. My husband finally got around to unpacking his Christmas gifts after getting back from vacation this week. One I was hoping would stay in the box.

It normally wouldn’t matter as the room is his office, which he could decorate any way he chooses, but the room is right inside the front door and a HUGE window faces the street.

So… have all seen the classic movie “The Christmas Story” with the infamous lamp prize received in the mail. What did the husband in the movie do???…….He put it in the front window of their home.

Guess what my husband got for Christmas from his brother? Yup, a Leg Lamp. Luckily it was the smaller version but where do you suppose my husband put it? Right again. In the front window of the house in his office.

Here is what the area looked like before the gift:





Here is what it looked like after unpacking the gift:




Which Do You Vote For?

He thought it was great! That everyone seeing it in the front window would think it was so funny. Yup, maybe so.

You can vote, I’ll listen to all the debate…….But it’s NOT staying in the front window. I’m putting my foot down.

I mean seriously, I’m a Designer and Home Stager for crying out loud. What would the neighbors think? LOL