Color Knowledge

People are always looking to create a certain feel in a room. They may want energy in a workout room or calm in a bedroom. Many people do not know how to create that feel so let me help by giving you a little Color Knowledge.

Here is a list of colors and the emotion it will generate. The depth of the color as well as the hue and underlying tones will definitely play a factor in the degree of emotion created.  

A bright orange wall versus a soft pastel tangerine, while both being energetic colors in the orange family, will bring a different level of intensity, drama and feeling into a room.


 PINK: Gentles, acquiesces, promotes intimacy and affection.

ORANGE: Cheers, expands, promotes informality and activity. Declassifies.

BLUE: Relaxes, refreshes and cools. Supports tranquility and trust.

YELLOW: Expands, warms, promotes communication and anticipation.

RED: Empowers, stimulates, dramatizes, impulsive, increases appetite.

GREEN: Rests, balances, normalizes, encourages emotional growth.

WHITE: Lights, purifies, cleans unifies, enlivens other colors.

BROWN: Stabilizes and supports. Secures. Is friendly and receptive.

BLACK: Strengthens, authorizes. Denotes status. Elegance. Ominous.

PURPLE: Creates mystery. Enlivens imagination. Spiritualizes.