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One Level Living – Not Just for 55+

Yes it is in demand! From the 55+ market to young families, more and more people are looking to one level living for ease.

It’s not for everyone. In our area many of the one level living homes have one bedroom on the main level plus will have a full lower level with one to three bedrooms. This may not work for a family with infants or young children as parents will want the kiddo’s bedrooms on the same floor theirs.

Many one level living homes however have at least two bedrooms on the main level if not three.

I recently staged a model home that is one level living with one common wall. A townhome so to speak. These are higher end and due to the townhome setting are more likely to appeal to the 55+ who wants the one level living but not give up the space or luxury. These would also appeal to young professionals who want the luxury but not the hassle of maintaining a yard.

Most of the 55+ townhomes will have a wonderful open concept that is great for just you or for gatherings of friends.





The entrance to the Master will be convenient off the main living area.






You will many times find a second bedroom on that main living level that is wonderful to use as an office if that fits your lifestyle better.



If you are lucky it may even have a wonderful sun porch!



Although two story homes are still being built everywhere, more and more you are seeing one level living Townhomes and  Ramblers being built and in demand.  If that is the lifestyle that appeals to you, take the time to see what is available.


What Is the Dollar Value of A First Impression?

Do you have any idea what the dollar value is of a buyer’s first impression?

Home Stagers talk about first impressions all the time. We talk until we are blue in the face and sometimes we are still dismissed with “it’s not that important, I have a great kitchen.”

That may be true but the first gut reaction never goes away. I heard Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran put an actual dollar value on first impressions and I sat up straight in my chair. I had never heard it expressed in actual $$$ before.

If you are not aware of who Barbara Corcoran is, she is a Real Estate Contributor on NBC’s Today show, part of ABC’s reality hit Shark Tank, as well as a frequent guess on one of my favorite shows “The Nate Berkus Show”.


It was on Nate’s program that I heard this discussion*. A young couple had their home for sale for six months with almost 100 showings and without receiving a single offer.

Nate asked Barbara if Home Staging is really needed and worth it in this depressed economy and Real Estate Market. Barbara’s reply and I paraphrase:

Home Staging is no longer an option. It makes a difference of a house selling or not. Homeowners do the heavy work of upgrading kitchens and baths but Home Staging makes the biggest difference on first impressions. People walk in and feel like ‘I want to live here. It feels like I could see myself living here’.”

With Designer Nate Berkus’s expertise they assisted this couple with their living room, the first room the buyer walked into. They took down blinds, painted the dated brick, rearranged the furniture which was pushed against the walls, deleted bulky over-sized furniture and a wall unit blocking the view of the fireplace and added some new items.

Do you know what Barbara said was the dollar value to the bottom line for this change?

5% – 7% of the value of what the home is worth!!

Now do you understand how important a first impression is?

With a $400,000 listing that is $20,000 – $28,000.

If you think you can’t afford Home Staging you may want to think again. You may be leaving money on the table.

If you don’t want to leave money on the table call a certified Home Staging Professional at 952-567-1124.


*Watch the complete segment of the Nate Berkus Show by clicking on This Link.

Home Staging Success in Bloomington, MN – You Need to Know Your Buyer.

When Staging a Home it is important to keep the targeted buyer in mind. Doing so is extremely important and can determine success or failure with the Home Staging.

Staging a downtown loft is different than a home in the suburbs and each suburb is different.  Who lives in the neighborhood?

Point in fact: When I went to do the bid for this condo I was told by the Property Manager that the average age of the owners was 72.

However, the condo was located on an Exclusive Private Golf Course and could attract a young professional who loves the game and wants to entertain his/her clients.

In home staging you must keep your most likely buyer in mind. I wanted to play to that demographic but also keep it some what modern in case a young professional walked through.

I think I found that balance. The condo had been vacant and on the market over a year without an offer. They pulled it off the market for a few months, had it staged and then re-listed.


What did I do? I made the home feel more traditional but with a hint of modern elements.

Home Staging in Bloomington, MN

The artwork is more formal and traditional but the furniture is cozy and neutral and the colors of dark brown and light blue are fresh and modern.

Vacant Home Staging Bloomington, MN

The bathroom was blah. It needed some life and vibrant cranberry did the trick.

Home Staging Redesign Minneapolis MN

The porch: Antique wicker in modern black with lime green and hot pink accents made it refreshing for any generation.

Home Stager Bloomington, MN

The office: Well of course it needed a Golf theme being on an exclusive private golf course.

Home Staging Redesign Minneapolis MN

The bedroom: Aahhh….tranquil for any age.

Home Staging Redesign St. Paul, MN

Staging a home for the most likely buyer is important but a balance is needed so anyone can fall in love with it. You never know who may walk through the door.

Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN

For Home Staging and Redesign Services in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area ….. Rooms With Style has the experience you need and will ask the necessary questions to stage it correctly.