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Why Hire a Home Stager if you are an Investor?

There are different types of investors with different goals. Some investors buy properties for wholesale purposes and others buy properties to rehab and rent.

A third type of investor that I work with are those that are buying properties, rehabbing them and then reselling them for a profit.

Investors provide a great service to the community and a neighborhood. Many times they are taking properties that are extremely distressed that no one else will buy. At times they take properties that have been condemned and an eyesore for the neighborhood, dragging down everyone’s values and turns it into an asset for the neighborhood.

I love working with investors. Whether it is to assist in the overall vision of the property, assisting with design and color or staging the property to show it in the best light, I love it all!

I see properties at all levels of the rehab and it is fun to watch it come to life. A Designer or Home Stager can add value when working with the investor as they know what people want and are looking for in a home.

Take a look at this home that I went to, to provide a bid to stage it. This was one of the first rooms I saw. 



I asked the investor “Are you painting the stone?”

Investor: “We already did”.


This is where the Home Stager had opened her mouth and inserted her foot. Par for the course.

But, that is why we are hired. When asked if I felt this stone should perhaps be dry-walled over I truthfully said yes. I am not being hired to just agree with whatever they think, I am being hired to help.

We looked at pictures to determine a design and this was the next step:



And with further enhancing with Home Staging this is what the buyer saw:



A Home Stager can see beyond what is in front of them, or not in front of them. We can help the investor achieve their goals for that property.

We listen….we assist.…and we compliment their hard work so their dream of what they want the home to look like really does come true.



A Home Stager can enhance even the most stunning area in subtle ways.



A Home Stager asks about the neighborhood, who the targeted buyer is and what the Investor is trying to creating.






So, a Home Stager working with an Investor can:

1) Save them from Design mistakes

2) Listen to what they envision for the property

and 3) Make that vision come to fruition.


Creekside DR before




If you are an investor be sure to bring in the services of a trained and experienced Home Stager.



Check out my previous post: “Why Hire a Home Stager for Your Occupied Home?”

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Sometimes It Is Better to Have Your Renter Move Out – Minneapolis Home Staging

Yes, sometimes it really is better if your renter moves out.

Minneapolis MN Home Stager

I see this alot. People have rental properties and when they decide to sell they put it on the market while the renter is living in the property. After six months or a year it is still for sale and they wonder why.

You may be one of the few landlords where your tenants have beautiful furniture, keep their home spotless, and are so willing to assist you with getting your property sold.

But….if you aren’t living in a fantasy world the norm is your tenant has nothing to gain and probably a lot to lose if your property is sold. There is no incentive for them to keep it clean as a minimal starting point much less everything else that goes with selling.

Luckily this Landlord knew that.

Having all the furniture centered around the TV isn’t optimal for selling besides the fact you should never walk into the back of furniture right inside the door.


LR Before


And using the Dining Room as a place to have your speakers for a jam session may not bring top dollar.


DR Before


A kitchen filled with clutter….aahhh..NO.


Kitchen Before


This space had so much potential but the renter’s furniture wasn’t showing what it could be.


Heath Area Before


A HUGE master bedroom with a sitting area is a huge selling feature but when the sitting area is used for storage is just feels gross.


Sitting Area Before


And this Master Bedroom retreat wasn’t feeling very tranquil.


Master bedroom before


Bathroom Before


So….let’s see what the Landlord received when they had asked the advice of Rooms With Style Home Staging.

The renter moved out, a paint color was selected, then the property was staged with modern furnishings.

An open arrangement floor plan for the living room:


LR After


LR After


An actual Dining Room:


DR After


A kitchen that now shows all the counter tops, built-in bookshelves and a place for stools.


Kitchen After


And how about this wonderful hearth area alongside the fireplace now? What a great place for people to sit and sip a cocktail while you are cooking during a dinner party.


Hearth After


Hearth Area after


The Master Bedroom Retreat and sitting area….now the buyer can see what the space can be.


Sitting Area After



Master Bedroom After



Bathroom After


This property sold in six days when units directly on each side of it had been for sale long before theirs.

Don’t gamble that your tenant will do what is best for you in showing your property in it’s best light. If at all possible, take the time to have them move outfreshen the space and do any necessary upgrades and have the property staged.

It will save you in the long run.


LR close up



If you need advice on what to do with your rental property. Call:

Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign in Minneapolis, MN



Home Staging for Investors – Home Staging Minneapolis MN

Is Home Staging for Investors different than Home Staging for homeowners? Well, yes and no.

Everyone wants their home to sell quickly and for as much money as possible. But for investors it is slightly different. It is a business.

Getting a property sold so they can buy their next one is all that matters. Literally ‘time is money’.

When I met with a Realtor turned investor a couple weeks ago he told me that in 2011 he and his business partner renovated and re-sold eight homes and that he hoped to do more in 2012.

He commented that the average days on the market for them was 60 days thus they had never needed to stage. (I silently thought differently, ha).

They were currently renovating a home that was a little higher in price then the others so they thought they would give Home Staging a try prior to listing it to give it every advantage.

Depending on how it went they said they may have me stage another of their properties that had been on the market close to 60 days without an offer.

Here is the staging:

Living Room Before and After:

LR Before


LR After

LR Before


LR After

Dining Area Before and After:

DR Before


DR After

Family Room Before and After:

FR Before


FR After

FR Before


FR After

They listed this property on a Friday and I got a text on Sunday saying that they had already received multiply offers and one was for full price!I think the three days improved their 60 day average!

Both partners were thrilled with the staging, the service and the results. Because of that I was hired to stage their other property mentioned above that has been on the market about 60 days with alot of activity but without a single offer. Let’s hope that one goes as well!


LR DR After


If you have an Investment Property and have questions about Home Staging for Investors talk with a expert that understands the needs of an investor.