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Expect the Unexpected

It’s been two weeks since I invited you into our journey to repair and renovate our bathroom, and over a month since our wax ring failure. With little surprise, I share that we have been zero progress on the rebuild portion of our journey. Insurance payments are stalled, the original reconstruction company is too expensive, and we’re waiting for responses from a new builder. We knew to expect delay and difficulty, and its been a great opportunity (albeit an unwelcomed one) to practice flexibility and gratitude for the spaces and resources we do have access to.

While we wait for next steps, we have taken the time to narrow down tile selections for the shower/tub. I love the variety and support The Tile Shop and their staff offer. Here are a few selections we are considering:

Both bathroom floor options are 8 or 10 inch hexagonal tiles. In a smaller space, we want to use smaller tiles and avoid large, rectangular pieces. In considering tile color, we love the timeless look of a white marble, but love the modern look and contrast of the black tile with our natural oak vanity.

Bathroom Floor Option #1

Tile Shop

Bathroom Floor Option #2

Tile Shop

Alt image 1 for Alderson 32-42" Single Sink Vanity

Pottery Barn

We’ve also identified tile options for the shower/tub area, and I am OBSESSED! I love the curvature of these tiles, known as fish scale or popsicle  tiles, and am having the hardest time deciding on a color because they are all so beautiful! The tiles come in matte or glossy finishes and a variety of colors. We are leaning towards glossy blue, a classic, timeless color and finish for a bathroom.

Option #1


Option #2


Cross all your fingers and toes that by the next post we’ll have more updates and design selections for you! We are consider new vanity lighting, potentially installing a swinging, glass shower door versus using a curtain, and potentially adding an arch or removing a low hanging wall in the shower area. Thanks for coming along on this journey! If you run into your own restoration or renovation project, we’re here to help! We have design services available, along with our home staging business. Until next time!


Guest Blogger: Katya Larsen, Stager, A Home Revival

Come Along With Me….!

….on a journey absolutely nobody wants to go on! That’s right, the wax ring on our toilet failed, leaked for who knows how long, and now we have quite the bathroom renovation on our hands! Our family lives in a late 1940’s story and a half home in Saint Louis Park, so we will be renovating our only full bath (thank goodness for our half bath!) floor to ceiling. The good news is homeowner’s insurance will help cover part of the restoration, and it means we get to learn how to restore a small bathroom together!

Here’s what we’re currently working with:

We found THREE, yes, three layers of floor tile, our vanity was torn out, and part of the wall and tiles removed. Here’s what we know will need to be restored:

  1. Flooring
  2. Vanity
  3. Remove wall tile, including shower
  4. Restore drywall outside of shower
  5. Install new shower tile

These are the elements that absolutely need to be fixed, but we could also consider installing a new tub, a glass shower door, new mirror and lighting, creating regress storage, potentially a pocket door, and more!

For the mitigation and clean-up we are working with Bedrock Restoration and they have been incredible. The staff, Justin, Blaine, Joey, Dante and Angel, have brought humor and joy in an otherwise very stressful project. They’ve collaborated with us and the insurance agent, and have taken the time to explain each step thoroughly before moving forward. I’m happily surprised to say, it’s been fun having them around to share a Diet Dr. Pepper, or for Dante, a protein shake!

Now that the space is clean and safe again, we’ll be working with the restoration team to get the work started. We might even do a little kitchen update along the way, who knows! Follow along the journey and see what we design! For this week, the big reveal is the vanity, and let me tell you, we are in love!

Pottery Barn’s Alderson 32″ Bathroom Vanity in Natural Oak

Alt image 2 for Alderson 32-42" Single Sink Vanity

Pottery Barn

Alt image 5 for Alderson 32-42" Single Sink Vanity

Pottery Barn

We want to add natural, timeless, elements to our design. Wood, stone and metals are great ways to ensure your space will stand the test of time and ride out any trends. We love this vanity for it’s ample storage (four family members in one full bath calls for it!), the use of melamine to protect the engineered wood from little hands and bath splashes, and the timeless look of the stone countertop.

Tune-in next time to see what tile selections we made for the floor and the plan for the walls! Have you had an unexpected renovation experience? Send any advice and words of encouragement to!


Guest Blogger: Katya Larsen, Stager, A Home Revival

Seasons change….and so does my décor!

When I was growing up, every season my mom would put away décor and bring out fresh, new items to match the next season. She had seasonally appropriate décor, holiday décor, and as the Catholics say, décor for “ordinary time.” Naturally, as I grew older and had my own dorm room, then apartments, then home, I, too, invested in various sets of home goods to match the season. I’m curious, is this something you do in your home? Is this a tradition you grew up experiencing?

Until recently, I just assumed that every home changed décor, you know, six to eight times a year! This fall, I was with a group of women when one of them mentioned how she loves my habit of matching my home furnishings to the season. I was shocked! They revealed that I am the only person they know who has seasonal décor other than Christmas and maybe a few pumpkins in the fall. They love it and wanted to know how they could incorporate seasons into their design, too!

Our last post gave ideas on transitioning to fall with scent, texture and color. This post will focus on components of our home that we can switch out more easily and cost effectively each season.


Here is Minnesota, switching out bedding seasonally makes sense functionally with the drastic weather changes, and its also loads of fun! In spring and summer, use light linens, cotton sheets, and throws. In the fall and winter, transition to cozy flannels, feather duvets, and add quilts and throws for extra warmth and comfort! This set from Crate and Barrel, with it’s dark colors and layered linens, is perfect for the transition to fall and winter.

EUROPEAN FLAX ™-Certified Linen Impressionist Floral Midnight Navy Blue Duvet Cover (Open Larger View)

Crate and Barrel

Throw Pillows + Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are a fantastic way to add pops of color to a room, and have the choice to quickly remove it just as easily! Toss a blanket on the corner of your bed or over the arm of your couch for a new look. West Elm has an beautiful, knit, weighted blanket in fun colors for every season!

Alt image 1 for Bearaby TENCEL™ Napper Weighted Blanket

West Elm

Throw Pillows offer the same magic of an updated color palate as blankets. Layer colorful and textured pillows on beds, benches, furniture, patios and more to switch up the color scheme! Get a little wild, go outside of the neutral zone, this is the perfect place to do it!

World Market


This one might be a bit corny, and a leftover from my youth in Wisconsin, but I love nothing more than to update my kitchen towels to match the season! Colors, images, seasons galore in my home! Home Goods is a favorite destination for me to find seasonal towels, or specialty stores like Patina or The General Store here in Minnesota.


3pk 18x28 Pine Print Fouta Kitchen Towel Set

Home Goods


There are a few places in my home that I switch out large artwork for summer and winter. I have a beautiful, bright, floral canvas in our living room that looks completely out of Christmas place at winter time, so we switch it out for a softer, muted, abstract canvas. I also have a colorful set of abstract canvas in our dining room that I switch out for a wooden framed, painted tree in the winter. I store the extra artwork in a closet and it takes only five minutes twice a year to change out and make a big impact on our home’s seasonal look!

Another option is to switch out family photos to match the season. Our engagement and wedding photos took place with snow on the ground, so I display those in frames throughout the winter. In the summer, I display family photos of our adventures camping, swimming, etc. It’s a fun but simple way to give a nod to the season!


Tray fillers, candles, plants, books and coffee mugs are small items that can be easily swapped for the season.

Throw a wooden tray on your bookshelf or coffee table and switch out the display items each season.

Classic Filler Cream - Threshold™, 3 of 11


Get a coffee table book to match each season and set it out for guests to peruse.

Winter Homes - (Hardcover), 1 of 2


Use seasonal mugs or summery glasses when hosting.

Set of 2 White Ceramic Mugs Pottery Handmade Coffee Mugs Set image 1


Choose candles that match the scent and look of the season. Bright, light colors and scents for warmer months, and earthy, muted vibes for the fall and winter. Volcano, by Capri Blue, is my favorite summer scent and comes in a variety of jars and colors!


Invest in neutral vases throughout your home and switch out the plants and stems you use throughout the year. Dried florals and grasses are great for fall, pine branches and berry stems are beautiful in the winter, and fresh flowers perk up your place during the summer months!

Faux Pampas Grass Taupe Stem 39" Set of 3 (Open Larger View)


How are you decorating this season? What changes and transitions will you make? We’d love to see! Tag us on social media at @AHomeRevival to show us your look!


Guest Blogger: Katya Larsen, Stager, A Home Revival