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Staging Your Business – Yes First Impressions Matter Here too!

Yes, believe it or not Staging does come into play for business and commercial properties as well.

It is most important in company lobbies or common spaces. No, it is not because they are selling, it is because they are ‘setting the stage’ for what the space says about them as a company.

Just like your home, a business needs to set a great first impression when their client walks through the door. It sets the tone of who they are and what they do. 

I need to share one of the business projects I was hired to do that was so fun to be a part of. 

This is the space as I first saw it:


I was shown an architectural rendition of color and mural and was hired to select the furnishings. Here is the space after:


Yes, I got to do the lobby of GE in Minneapolis! Their image is about technology. Current, cutting edge, looking to the future. Thus a contemporary look was needed. 

It was a small project but one that I was honored to be hired to do.

If you are a business owner with a store front or office for client’s to visit, don’t forget your space reflects what you do! 


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What Does Your Place of Business Say About You? Home Staging/Redesign Minneapolis, MN

What Does Your Place of Business Say About You?

Home Staging / Redesign in Minneapolis, MN.

It doesn’t matter where it is, first impressions are always important. Yes, in homes. But what about places of business?

I believe a first impression in your office is extremely important. It tells everyone who you are. It tells clients, employees, and even vendors.

What is greeting people when they walk into your place of business?

Is the place for them to sit and wait something like this? Forcing them to sit close to someone they don’t know? Leaving them to wonder if your ideas are as outdated as your furnishings?


Sofa in Entry


Perhaps this may better reflect you, your business, your modern ideas, and who you are.


Entry Sofa After


Does a “dunce” chair in the alcove make an inviting space?


Entry Alcove Before


Or would this be a perfect space for a built-in cabinet to hold your fliers and brochures?


Entry Alcove After


So think about the impression you are setting for your business and clients. Does it reflect you and what you want to convey to your clients?

If not, Rooms With Style can create the look that does give the correct impression.


Entry After


Let your clients know who you are. Let your clients want to be in your space.

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The Social Room is Done and It’s Time for a Party!

The Social Room at this large apartment complex in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN is done! Do you think we can rent it for a party?? Oh, I guess we have to be a tenant.

I was hired to Redesign a new social room for one of the properties of a large management company. After gutting and redesigning their model apartment unit, then their offices, then another social room at a different complex….we finally got started on this one.

We took out one of the sliding glass doors to close off traffic flow through the sitting area. We also put in new smaller windows along the wall overlooking the pool area to make room for a fireplace.

I think the tenants of this wonderful apartment complex are lucky to have this great social room!

Social Room

Bar Area 



Social Room



If you need assistance with the Redesign of any of your Home or Commerical Properites, Rooms With Style would love to help!