Can I Toot my Own Horn?

Is it okay to toot my own horn? I feel a little weird about it but if I don’t…who will?

I found out yesterday that I have been selected as a Semi-Finalist to be one of the next Top MyKirkland’s Designers! Yeah!! How cool is that!!

After all the applications they have narrowed it down to 20. Now I have to go through a 30 minute interview with the corporate office in Nashville. The top 10 will be selected and then America will be able to vote online with Five Designers being Selected. I’m counting on my friends to vote. But only if you are voting for me of course. LOL

I hope I make it to the top 10. I hope I am selected to be one of the Top Designers. If I only make it to the top 20 I will still take it as an honor.

Here are the design before and after photos I submitted with my application.






A little side note about this project. I did EVERY room in the house. LR, DR, FR, TOY ROOM, MB and bedrooms for 6 kids. It was all new paint colors (of which they loved dark), every piece of furniture was new down to lamps, artwork, accessories, drapes, drapery rods, bedding, sheets, bed pillows, and rugs. Only one TV was keep.

I had 10 days to complete the project top to bottom, including all the shopping, coordinating and design day. Out of that 10 days I had only 1 1/2 days to pull it all together with furniture delivery at 9:00 one morning and the big reveal at 3:00 the next day. Not a whole crew, just a team of two. Whew.

Click on the top link above to see more photos of this project.