Bathrooms – Easy Updates, Fixing Errors and A Room That Makes You Smile! :-)

Bathrooms – Easy Updates, Fixing Awkward Builder’s Errors and A Room That Makes Them Smile! ūüôā

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Yup….you heard me. The bathroom is the perfect place to make the buyer smile.

But first, lets look at how Home Staging can assist with easy updates.

The Master Bath is more important than a guest bathroom. However, the buyer almost always comes to the guest bathroom first as they walk through a home. So don’t let it set a negative tone that your house is outdated.

Outdated immediately screams¬†‘MONEY NEEDED’ to the buyer and so many times there are easy and inexpensive fixes to update the space.

This guest bath has many negatives but take a look at the mirror.


Mirror Before


A standard builder’s mirror can be made to look like an expensive framed mirror for less than $20. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

1) Purchase one piece of pre-finished white molding.

2) Measure and cut 4 mitered cuts.

3) Glue directly to the mirror.

That’s it!


Mirror Update After


A boring mirror now takes on the look of an expensive classy framed mirror. A new light fixture along with a neutral and modern paint color completes the total updated bath. A new light fixture is the easiest way to update your bathroom!

Second, Home Staging can fix awkward wasted spaces.

Some builders just don’t think things through and miss some details no matter how thorough they are.¬†As a¬†Home Stager it is my job to make the space seem natural.

In this luxurious Master Bathroom, the builder left a very awkward space next to the vanity right before the linen closet. It was too late to add more cabinets and fix the error. NEVER LEAVE AN AWKWARD SPACE FOR THE BUYER TO FIGURE OUT.

Awkward Spaces

Awkward Before

I decided this was a great space to add some glitz and glamour and actually get them to walk over to the  space to take a look at the detailed touches!

What awkward space??


Awkward Spaces



Awkward Spaces


Awkward Spaces



And last but not least…….¬†make your buyer smile. And isn’t the bathroom the perfect place to do that. ūüôā

This house had an outdated bathroom but with classic HIS and HER spaces!


His and Her


Love it.¬†Accent the positive I say….

HERS……. spa, tranquil, sparkle and feminine.


Hers After


HIS….testoserone, shaving, and flexing his manly biceps!


His After


Who wouldn’t remember this house! But no need…it sold at it’s first showing on Day 1.

Emotion will get them every-time. Every-time. Just make sure it’s a good emotion. LOL


BATHROOMS – they are the most important rooms in the house after the kitchen. So update them, fix awkward spaces and make the buyer¬†remember your house over your competition’s by making them smile.


If you need some suggestions on how to update your bathrooms, call Rooms With Style to set an appointment today! 952-567-1124.