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Moderate Priced Curb Appeal Tips

On my last blog post I gave a list of some Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips. There are some improvements that you will need to make to your home, whether living or staying that will have huge impact and still be reasonable.

1) Replace Exterior Light Fixtures: If the fixtures are tarnished, faded or bright brass it is time to replace them. You may even consider increasing the size of the fixture. All too often I see very small tiny light fixtures on large homes. Make a statement!!


Exterior-shutters1     2) Replace or Update Shutters: I am needing to replace mine soon too! Over time they begin to fade and the color that was chosen in the 90s may not be the best color now. A more updated style may be a nice upgrade as well.


3) Replace Front Door: In my “Inexpensive Upgrade” post I listed painting the front door but at times that just won’t cut it. The entire door may need to be replaced if it is rusted, dented or broken.


4) Top Coat or Re-Asphalt your Driveway: If you are able to do this yourself it is not much of an investment at all. Even hiring it done doesn’t cost much and sets a beautiful tone for your home.


5) Add bushes or a perennial garden in the front yard: Nothing catches the eye more than flowers and greenery. If your home is lacking in pizazz this is the best way to add it for not a lot of cash. Watch for a time when flowers and shrubs go on sale.   Front Yard Flower Garden



If you missed my last post on Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips check that out and next time I will discuss big ticket improvements that may need to be made for in order for your Curb to Appeal!!


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Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tips

Yes it happens, buyers pull up in a driveway and don’t even go inside. They don’t like the looks of what they see.

You want to make your buyer is excited to get out of the car!

Most importantly, you don’t want the buyer discounting the price before they even get in the door.

There are inexpensive things you can do to make this happen. Likewise there are moderate priced and expensive things. Depending on where you are on the listing price spectrum you may need to layout some cash for the expensive items. But this post is focused on things you can do that will cost you less than $200, most for under $100.

1) Paint your front door. This is a huge impact. A quart of paint and about 15 minutes is all you need. Great way to add color!


Front Door



2) Replace Mailbox. Rusty, banged up mailboxes send a bad sign that things have not been maintained.


3) Replace House Numbers – especially if they are rusted broken or brass.


4) Freshen mulch. A quick top dressing will make such a huge difference over faded dirty mulch.


5) Add a pot or two of flowers.


6) New Welcome Mat.


7) Make sure there is no peeling paint on garage doors.


8) If something needs repair, repair it.


FREE Things You Can Do With Huge Impact:


1) Clean light fixtures

2) Keep lawn mowed, raked, weeds pulled.

3) Keep sidewalks shoveled and driveways plowed.

4) Remove personal items such as decorative flags, (No Packer Flags! ha),  yard nick knacks and plastic items.

5) Clean the siding (power wash if needed).

Triming bushes   6) Trim Bushes and Tree Branches- never have them covering your walkway or blocking the view of your home.

7) Keep spider webs from forming… Addam’s Family look!


Curb Appeal is extremely important and there can be HUGE impact for little or no money.


Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer


It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Yes Spring is definitely here and you know what that means! Time to get rid of the winter grime. Growing up in a little town I remember my Grandma always cleaning with vinegar. My Mom used it all the time too and when I had a house cleaner come in a few times they used vinegar to wash my hardwood floors.

Vinegar is an amazing cleaner and it’s cheap! So….I found some tips on the Better Homes & Gardens website for ways to clean with vinegar and thought I would share them.



Kitchen:  Refrigerator: Definitely skip the toxic chemicals where you store your food. Instead, wipe up spills with a 50-50 vinegar-water mix. You can even keep a bottle of the mixture stored in your fridge!

Drain:  Pour vinegar onto a scrub brush small enough to get inside the disposal. Sprinkle the brush with baking soda, then scrub to remove odors and built-up crud, says Mary Findley of, a former pro cleaner and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Cleaning.
Cutting boards:  Spray with straight vinegar, then rinse to clean.

Microwave:  Place 1/2-cup vinegar and 1/2-cup water in a glass bowl. Microwave 2-3 minutes, or until it boils. Wipe buildup away with ease!

Stained plastic containers:  Coat in vinegar. Let sit. Wash as usual, says Leslie Reichert, aka The Cleaning Coach.


Toilet:  Pour a cup of vinegar in the toilet. Let sit overnight. (For tough jobs, empty the toilet water first.) The next morning, sprinkle with baking soda or borax; scrub, then flush.
General bathroom cleaning:

Use straight or diluted vinegar to clean, especially around the toilet, where it can curb urine staining and odor.

Tub or sink drain:  Pour 1/2-cup around closed drain and let sit several hours. Scrub to remove buildup. Drain, then rinse.

Shower:  Findley’s shower deep-clean regimen: Bring vinegar to a boil, then use it to wipe down the shower door and walls. Keep them damp by wiping them down every 5 to 8 minutes for 30 minutes. Then, dampen a non-scratch sponge in vinegar, sprinkle with baking soda, and scrub. Rinse. Bye-bye germs, mold, water spots, and soap scum!

Shower-head:  Pour some vinegar into a plastic bag, and secure it to your shower-head with a twist-tie. Make sure there’s enough vinegar so the bottom part of the shower-head is submerged. Leave the bag on overnight. Remove the next morning just before showering.

Bedroom:  Mattress disinfectant: Mix vinegar, a little rubbing alcohol, and some tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz on your mattress to help combat dust mites, mildew, and general odors. For a deeper clean, follow with a dusting of baking soda. Let dry, then vacuum.

Laundry:  As a fabric softener: Use vinegar instead of fabric softeners in laundry, Findley says. “It softens clothes and removes the static at a fraction of the cost of fabric softeners,” she says. “Just add a cup to the final wash or rinse water.”

Living & Dining Rooms
Glass: Use a 50-50 vinegar-water solution to keep glass tables or stereo cabinet doors sparkling.

Wood furniture:

Use 1/4-cup vinegar mixed with 1-cup olive oil — plus a few drops of lemon or orange oil, if you wish — to clean and condition wood furniture, Reichert says.

Floors:  Carpet odor and dust mite remover: Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with some vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz lightly throughout. (Test in an inconspicuous spot first for colorfastness.)

Carpet rinse:  After shampooing your carpet, rinse it using 1/2-cup vinegar per gallon of water. This lifts dirt-attracting soap residue, so carpets stay cleaner, longer.

Carpet pet odor remover:  Wet spot with vinegar. Sprinkle with baking soda, and work the two together with a brush or your fingers. Let dry (ideally overnight). Vacuum.
Wood floor wash:  Add ½-cup vinegar to a gallon of water to clean wood and laminated floors.

General:  Make your own earth-friendly home cleaners on the cheap with vinegar and other natural products.

Air freshener:  Add a 1/2-teaspoon vinegar to a 4-ounce spray bottle, then fill with distilled water, plus a few drops of your favorite essential oil, if desired.

Window cleaner:  Mix 1/4-cup rubbing alcohol and 1/3-cup vinegar in a 32-oz spray bottle, then fill with water. Lightly spritz on a lint free cloth to clean.

All-purpose cleaner:  Mix 1-cup vinegar, 2 teaspoons borax, 4-cups hot water, 5 drops liquid dish soap, 10 drops tea tree oil, and 10 drops your favorite essential oil (optional).
Disinfectant: Use a 50-50 vinegar-water mix to wipe down telephones, doorknobs, faucet handles, and more when cold and flu season hits, Findley says.


Look at all those great tips for cleaning with a safe and inexpensive product. Love Vinegar! (Plus I have many flavored specialty vinegars that I love to cook with. 🙂 )


Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.
CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer