A Vacant Home Staging, Minneapolis, MN

Don’t you love before and after pictures? I do. That must be why I watch so my HGTV and am a Designer and Home Stager.

I got the privledge to stage this vacant home a few days ago that is an incredible house. It is only a few blocks from Lake Nokomis and has so many upgrades.

The full potential of the home was being missed when it was vacant. Although good bones, there were a few spots that could leave a buyer bored.

The buyer was originally greeted by a dark living room. No overheads lights and the blinds were shut so it was very difficult to see the stunning fireplace. After, the living room is full of light, very cozy and brings a smile to your face. Before Living Room



After Living Room


The dining area seemed extremely small when it was empty. Now with a table it shows that there is not only ample space but it enhances the incredible detailing in the room. 

Dining Room Before


After Dining Room

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