A Successful Home Staging in Plymouth, MN

This is the most Successful Home Staging in MN that I have done, in terms of quick results. I was called by a Realtor and told they had a listing for this beautiful high end rambler in Plymouth, MN.

Unfortunately the home had been listed for a year! This beautiful home in Plymouth, MN had been standing vacant the entire year and getting horrible comments about how it needed updating. Yes, there were a few things that need to be updated but all in all the bones of this home were fabulous and on a wonderful wooded lot. Living Room Before

This home was a prime candidate for Home Staging. It was so drab, so cold and uninviting that you really wanted to leave as soon as you walked in.

The dated light fixtures screamed in your face as there was nothing else to look at. Light fixtures are an easy change to make and I advised the owner to do so but it was not something they were willing to do. Even with the updates not completed, this is one of those Successful Home Staging Stories. 

I showed up with my moving truck and movers that same week with the furniture and accessories I had hand selected from my 4,800 sq. foot warehouse. The formal dining room and formal living room were the first rooms you saw when you walked in and they were blah.

As we were moving the furniture into the home I got a call from the Realtor telling me there was going to be a showing that afternoon. What?? I wouldn’t be done by then.

I was assured it was okay, the potential buyer and his agent were told I was there with my crew staging the property and that it would probably be a mess. I did not want the buyer to see a mess so I worked extra hard and fast to get as much staged as possible.

When the agent and potential buyer walked in I was hanging the last picture in the hearth area. I had made sure most of the packing boxes and bins were already back in the truck. I packed up the remaining bins and headed out while the potential buyer was still downstairs.Living Room After

I got a call from the Realtor the next day. They had received a CASH OFFER from that buyer!! It closed in two weeks! Now is that a Successful Home Staging Story for this Plymouth, MN listing or what?