A Great Reminder for Us All!

So, this morning I wake up, stumble to the coffee maker and as my beans are grinding and I start smelling the fresh aroma of coffee, I pick up my phone and check out the junk emails that I need to delete that came during the night.  

Well, I came upon this one left late last night from a Realtor and I won’t be deleting it!

“I just want you to know how much you rock! I listed the home on 90th ave on Friday. They took the last 3 weeks to do everything you asked. I mean everything! By 6pm Saturday we had 15 showings, 8 offers and now one sold house!!!

Your abilities as a stager go far beyond that of decorating knowledge. That’s only a portion of what makes you incredible at your job. Your ability to easily connect with people and create an immediate sense of trust allowing them to accept what needs to be done and approach all tasks with an open mind versus the emotions that consistently tell sellers that they know better and your recommendations wont make that much of a difference. When people accept and trust the process of the professionals they hire, the results always come. ALWAYS!!!!

Thank you again for your wonderful demeanor with my clients and of course….allowing me to share your talents with them. You make me look like a rock star!”

Now if that isn’t the nicest thing for the Realtor to stop and write after an extremely hectic day with 8 offers in one day! What a great guy and it reflects why I like working with him as well.

It made my day! So a reminder to us all, in a culture where we hear only the negative…..if you like what others have done for you, tell them!

And when you are working with others, put yourself in their shoes and be kind. Just be kind.