2012 – One of my Favorites of the Year!

2012 – My Favorite Home Staging for New Construction – Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis, MN


At the end of each year I like to look back and think about the projects I have worked on. I had some that were great, some that were easy, some that were tough and of course I had my favorite and memorable projects.

At the completion of each project I always have so much fun that I think it is my favorite project but upon reflection there are three that really stood out for me in 2012.

The three projects that stand out are:

1) Favorite Home Staging for New Construction.

2) Favorite Redesign Project and,

3) Most Meaningful Project

So here is the first of my three ‘2012 Year In Review’ posts!

My ‘Favorite  ‘Home Staging for New Construction’ was not your typical new construction in an all new development in the suburbs. This one was in the heart of the city in an area known for it’s great restaurants and shopping near the “50th and France” area of Minneapolis.

Here is what I saw on my visit to the property:


Zenith Entry Before


Zenith Before



Zenith LR Before



Zenith Kitchen Before


Zenith Before


Zenith FR Before


Zenith FR Before


The house was done in white on white which I love. When I met with the owner he told me he had a vision while designing the home which was the lakes of MN. The blues of the water, the sand of the shores, the peace and calm of the scenery.

Although Home Staging is not decorating, I wanted to do what I could to incorporate his vision for the project as it was close to his heart.

I think the pictures will tell a thousand words of why this was my favorite new construction project.


An incredible entryway to greet you:

Zenith Entryway


Zenith Entry



A living room for the adults to gather:


Zenith LR


A kitchen to make you jump up and down:

Zenith Kitchen


Zenith Kitchen


A Dining Room of simplicity:

Zenith DR


Zenith DR


Zenith DR



A cozy Family Room for entertaining:


Zenith FR


Zenith FR


I love working on Home Staging for New Construction projects but this one is at the top of my list. I think you can see why.


Stay tuned for my next post: Favorite Redesign of 2012!


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