2012 – My Favorite Redesign Project of the Year!

2012 – My Favorite Redesign Project. Home Staging & Redesign Minneapolis MN

At the end of each year I like to look back and think about the projects I have worked on. I had some that were great, some that were easy, some that were tough and of course I had my favorites or most memorable projects.

At the completion of each project I have had so much fun and gotten so involved that it feels like I have given birth to a child and it is my favorite. We really shouldn’t have favorite children but how can you not?  For 2012 I had a few:

1) Favorite Home Staging New Construction,

2) Favorite Redesign Project and,

3) Most Meaningful Project

So here is the second of my three ‘2012 Year In Review’ posts: My Favorite Redesign Project!

This project was so much fun! First of all it was a lake home about an hour outside of Minneapolis so I got to spend the entire beautiful summer day at the lake!

Second, when working on Redesign projects the purpose is to use as much of the owners items as possible. You take what they have and ‘Redesign’. Well this client had the COOLEST items!

I had worked with this client before on her principal residence in the city so when she called me to come Redesign her lake home I couldn’t wait. I literally arrived on moving day with the movers taking out the past owners things and bringing in my clients things.

I had free rein to do what I wanted and put things where-ever I thought they should go.

Take a look:

Entryway Upon My Arrival:


Entry Before


Entryway Upon My Departure:


Entry After


Living Room Upon My Arrival:

Living Room Before


Living Room Upon My Departure:


LR After



Family Room Upon My Arrival:


FR Before


And My FAVORITE AREA EVER!! Hip Urban Chic Meets the North Woods!!


Family Room Upon My Departure:


FR After


FR After


So….can you see why it made my Top Favorites List of 2012?


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