Is Home Staging A Good Investment for Low End Homes? Home Staging Minneapolis MN

Is Home Staging A Good Investment for Low End Homes? Home Staging Minneapolis, MN

That is a question I get a lot. “This isn’t a high end home, will home staging provide a good return on the investment?”

The investment in home staging can vary of course with the smallest investment being a Home Staging Consultation. The next level for cost is what I call ‘Hands on Staging’ or ‘Owner Occupied Staging’ and the third and usually the most costly is ‘Vacant Home Staging’.

I was called by an investor to give her a bid to stage a vacant low-end home in shall I politely say ‘not the best area’ of Minneapolis.

The list price was going to be approximately $80,000 and that was to include a brand new garage yet to be built. So you can see…..the home was well below the median home price.

This home was TINY! Apartment tiny. Two bedrooms, one bath, a super tiny living room, almost a non-existent dining room. No upstairs, no basement (unusual for MN) and a very strange layout.

The front door opened smack dab into the center of the kitchen. YUP right into the middle of the kitchen, see the front door there on the right?


Kitchen Before


(Watch for my next post for suggestions on how to update a kitchen in a VERY low end home).





You can see almost the entire house from one spot. I am standing in the kitchen taking the picture above, you can see one bedroom straight ahead and there is another to the right of it and the bathroom/laundry together.

That’s it. Tiny. Bad part of town as you can see by the side door. Worth Staging???




The investor was very worried. “This home has such a strange layout and it is so small”.

“Don’t worry”, I said. “It is going to be really cute.”

I helped her pick out flooring and gave her some other inexpensive improvement ideas…mostly in the kitchen….just wait till you see it in my next post!

The investor stopped by as I was finishing up the staging and her comment was: “Oh my gosh, it is so cute! It looks like a doll house!! I want to live here. Of all the home stagers listed on the Internet I sure am glad I picked you”.


LR After


DR after


It was listed on a Thursday, had showings Saturday and Sunday, and an accepted offer on Monday.

Sold in Four Days!

So….does Home Staging Pay for Low End Homes? This investor thinks so.

For investors it is all about selling quickly.

Time is money and they want to get on to their next project. The cost of staging was rewarded with a quick sale which is money in an investors pocket.

Need assistance getting your investment property sold? A professional home stager understands your goals.

Watch for my next post to see the “After” pictures of that Entryway…I mean Kitchen. I know I have teased you enough but it is really cute. LOL