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But I Love My Themed House!

What is a ‘themed’ house and is it okay?

A themed house is one that fits a very specific decorating motif. Such as a beach theme, or a desert theme. Is it okay to have one? Absolutely! Unless you are selling your home. Then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you are selling, the theme has got to go.

A themed house, or even a themed room can turn off any buyer that does not like that theme. They may not like the feel of the house, or they can’t see past the theme to see the architectural detail of the house, or they may get distracted.

Now there are exceptions, if you have a beach theme and you live on the Gulf of Mexico perfect! 


Or a Southwest desert theme when you live in Phoenix….also acceptable. If you live in Minnesota or any such similar area then it is not acceptable for selling.

Another exception is a child’s room. Everyone expects a child to have a theme of Dinosaurs or something and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Neutralizing a themed home or room is an easy fix if the theme was created using artwork and nick-knacks. Just take them down and replace with decorative pieces that are more neutral.


If you have made some large remodeling choices based on a theme it may be tougher to do.

Wallpaper, although a pain to remove, is still a doable task and you need to remove it. Paint is also a simple fix.

If you have made more permanent fixture choices based on a theme such as cabinets, tile or floor coverings, I am not telling you that you need to rip everything out and start over but just know you have narrowed your potential buyers. 




So my word of caution in advance is to not do large ticket items in your home in a theme! Rather get that themed look that you want with decor that is easily replaced and you can take your theme with you to your new house!

If you have any questions never hesitate to reach out to a professional Home Stager to answer all you questions.


Re-Purposing to Create Interesting Succulent Arrangements!


If you haven’t noticed, succulents are really in right now. There are even stores having succulent parties to pick your containers and plant them right at the store.

I do like them and although it is really tough to kill a succulent, I can do it. This real one sat in my Mom’s condo unattended when she was in the nursing home for over a year and was fine and healthy. When she passed away I took it home and now it looks like this.



So I went to Plan B. The fake succulents are so incredibly real that I knew they were for me! I wasn’t too crazy about the typical glass terrarium containers I was seeing everywhere so I looked around my house to see what I had that I wasn’t using. I came upon this candle holder and I had a light bulb moment.



This is what it looks like now and it sits in the window of my sunny porch and it looks so real!




I decided to incorporate the same idea into some of the home staging that I do and here is what I came up with.

This is an aerial view of one that I was experimenting with in my warehouse…the price tags still on. ūüôā¬† I re-purposed a wooden bread bowl as the container.



Here it is on a foyer table:



This is another candle holder that I had that I also re-purposed:



A simple rustic tin with one succulent adds a nice end table accent:



If you are like me and can kill even a succulent plant, try these options by re-purposing items in your home for the container. They really are eye catching!



Selling Architecturally Taste Specific Homes – Home Staging MN

I stage many architecturally taste specific homes. Historical homes, Victorian homes, contemporary homes, mid-century modern and so on. But when I was called to stage this home it was a first.

Frank Lloyd Wright inspired with Japanese¬†influences.¬†Ahh….okay. That’s a little different.

This home was built only a few years ago with very specific architecture as the owner lived many years in Japan and they were going to raise their children and grow old here. Making it in more unusual is that is sat in a neighborhood of 80 – 120 year old homes. Yup…different in the neighborhood is an understatement.

The¬†high end luxury¬†home¬†made the cover of The Home Section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune because of of it’s¬†totally green¬†features as well as just plan stunning. Take a look:

Frank Lloyd Wright - Japanese Architecture

When I was called the home had been on the market for 3 months without a single offer. The owners were now relocating and all their furniture going with them. Having lived in Japan for many years much of their furniture was also Japanese style which worked for them but made it very tough for the average buyer, who didn’t own Japanese pieces and Japan artwork, to think the home would work for them. Even the owners agreed it was creating a road block for potential buyers.

The inside of the home was sleek and very wide open. The main living area was huge and would be even harder for the buyer to visualize if it was vacant. What do you do with this huge space???

Whole Room Before

 You break it down into sections. It is your only choice. 

First the entryway. As you can see you immediately come in and see exquisite Japanese inspired screen.

Entry before

But if someone doesn’t like Japanese then what? Let’s make it appeal to the everyday buyer.

Cambridge 1

The rest of the interior was sleek and on the modern side with Frank Lloyd Wright windows etc.

Next section: The Main Living Area.

Living Room Before

Cambridge 4

Of course The Dining Area right next to the kitchen.

Dining Area Before

Cambridge 5

Off from the Dining Area, a place to converse when entertaining,  A Sitting Area. 

Sitting Area Before

Cambridge 6

Overall look of this taste specific home….taste specific no more.¬†

Cambridge 9

RESULTS:¬†Staged on Friday and Sold that weekend!¬†Sellers….ECSTATIC!!

The moral of this story¬†is although you have a taste specific architectural¬†home, the furnishings don’t have to be.

If you don’t have a blank canvas like I did that’s okay. If you have a¬†Victorian Home filled with Victorian furniture that most people won’t own or won’t like,¬†simplify it.¬†Bring in just a few modern pieces to mix it up so the buyer can see their own items working in the house.

A professional Home Stager will be able to give you the advice you need for any challenge you are facing in getting your home ready for sale.

Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer