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A Mudroom Makeover!

I know the kitchen is the most important room in the house but the mudroom and laundry room get so much traffic and use that most people don’t want them to be dingy.

Renovating these rooms may not be on the top of a homeowner’s list but I have to say that it can not only make you happy as a homeowner but make a potential buyer do a little happy dance!

I have been working with these homeowner’s for quite a while, first assisting them with the sale of their home and then room by room in renovating their dream home. You can check out a previous blog post to see the first phases in “A Dream Home in the Country Comes True”.

This next phase may not have felt as glamorous but let me say that it turned out that way. I am going to share the before and after photos of the mudroom and then you will need to wait until my next post to see the laundry room. But, I will say ‘Hold On To Your Hats Folks!’

This mudroom was not only dated but extremely small. It was tight quarters and dark, not to mention containing some very outdated wallpaper. With four doors coming into this mudroom it also saw a lot of traffic.





The first phase was to rip out the existing closet that had doors banging into each other. You may wonder why you would ever want to lose a closet but in this instance the garage right outside will be holding locker systems so no storage was harmed in the transforming of this room. Well…it was harmed but not lost. LOL




Once the closet was removed a larger French door to the outside deck and gazebo area was added which really opened up the space and brought some much needed light. Then the pretty stuff started. Shiplap walls and ceiling painted white, luxury vinyl tile with a wood plank look put on the floors, and barn doors built by the homeowner. I’m going to add that he forged his own barn door hardware but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. ūüôā

Okay I can’t wait any longer… is the big reveal!!! Yes it is the same room…..the photos are in order and same angle as the before photos above. Yes it is the same room, or did I mention that already?




I just happened upon the steel bench when I was looking for accessories for the space and it worked perfectly with the mirror they had already found.

A couple cool metal signs and a some throw pillows in a vintage style fabric and it’s done. It probably didn’t seem quite that quick to the homeowners doing almost all the work themselves but it seemed pretty quick and flawless to me.




Although this remodel and update was done to enjoy…..which one do you think will bring more money and a faster sale when they go to sell? Take a look at some of the spaces in your home and determine if perhaps it makes sense to do some improvements now to enjoy yourself and then reap the rewards come selling time.

If you need assistance in making decision on which rooms to renovate or making selections for the best return on your investment, always call a professional Home Stager that also does Design work.

You won’t want to miss the next post when you see the reveal of the laundry room. You caught a little glimpse of it in these photos but just wait……..

A St. Paul Renovation – A ‘Fixer Upper’ for Sure!


I love renovation projects and lucky for me I have been doing a lot of them lately for an investor. It’s always fun to see old homes with so much character brought back to life.¬†

This project was in St. Paul in a great neighborhood. Sadly the house had been neglected with no one living there but now it is vibrant once again with a great family. 

My favorite¬†TV show is ‘Fixer Upper’ and I especially love when they start each show with “Do you have what it takes for a Fixer Upper?” I do, I do!!¬†

Take a look!


Living Room Before and After:

















Dining Room Before and After:













Den Before and After:







Office Before and After:








Main Floor Bath Before and After:







Kitchen Before and After:











Master Bedroom Before and After (the ceiling was able to be raised):








Kid’s Bedroom Before and After:







Upstairs Bath Before and After (yes, we pushed back a wall):










These old homes are so precious. I am so glad they are being restored to their glory along with modern updates. Looking forward to the next one!


Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.
CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer







Don’t Let Your Home Be A Big Yawn for Buyers! – Add a Little Funk!

It’s true. Although most of the time with Home Staging it is ‘less is more’ and¬†‘down play the things in the house so the house can be seen’,¬†however there are times where you just have to add a little funk.

Once in a while the house either doesn’t have much in the way of architectural features or it is a little aaahhhyyyyy…… Boring….. blah. Don’t let your home be a big yawn for the buyer!¬†Boring......


Boring Entryway



The house needs to stand out and be remembered by the buyer that walks through the door. And sometimes you need to create that. That is what a Home Stager does.

A Home Stager knows when to cut back on the furniture and accessories to let the home speak for itself. A trained Home Stager also knows when to add accessories to make the home sing, sing, sing.   


Love this house!


Here is a an example of that. Here is a great town home. It was painted white (insert yawn here). Great fresh paint but not real warm and cozy.


Before Home Staging



 The main living area is small, very tight quarters to fit everything into the space to make it functional.


Before Home Staging


Right outside the sliding glass door is the wall of another town home unit. Not the best of focal points.

There just isn’t a lot to make the buyer remember this one in what might be a day of looking at dozens of homes.

So….enter the Home Stager!

Let’s cozy up that entryway


Home Staging Minneapolis


Let’s show how that small living space can be utilized


Home Stager Minneapolis


Let’s add some bright color to warm up the space for that targeted buyer


Vacant Home Staging MN


Oh…and let’s just add a little funk. Yup, who wouldn’t remember this table setting??


Staging a Home Minneapolis



Please Note….I don’t recommend place settings for occupied homes and many times not even for vacant homes. But once in a while they service a purpose, showing the buyer the lifestyle that can come with their new home. Let’s face it….it is all about selling a lifestyle when you are selling a home.


You need the home to stand out so if this is what it takes….. “Remember that fun town home with the bright orange flower? I want to entertain my friends there! Let’s go see it again.” then so be it.


Minneapolis Home Staging


It’s true. There are times when you take things out, remove accessories and let the house show all it’s features. But there are other times when a little funk is a must.

Hire a Professional Home Stager to assist you with the right choices.

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